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Dassie New is the founder and director of the

Chaya Mushka Children’s House since it’s beginning, 25 years ago. Mrs. New graduated 

from Beth Rivkah Teachers College in Brooklyn, New York.


Before opening the preschool she taught for 5 years at the Elementary and High

School levels. Yeshiva Atlanta was one of her favorite places to teach. After many years

of teaching and directing at CMCH, Dassie went back to school to study the Montessori

Method in 2002.  She received her Montessori Certification and then transitioned CMCH into the first Jewish Montessori School in the Southeast. She loves children and loves what she does.

Mrs. Dassie New


Dear Parents,


Welcome to the Chaya Mushka Children’s House.  We are very pleased that you chose us as a “home-away-from-home” for your preschooler.  We understand the awesome responsibility and would appreciate the opportunity to be entrusted with your child(ren).

The word “Chinuch” encompasses much more than “education”.  It is about nurturing, developing, caring, guiding and being role models while educating.  We try to live up to this ideal.

At CMCH we offer a wide variety of programs to meet the different needs of our diverse families. 


Our school provides an enriching academic and social experience for your preschooler. We work tirelessly to instill a love of Hashem and the joy of Judaism into the hearts and minds of our young students.

The bright and beautiful classrooms hold purposeful materials and manipulatives for the children to explore.


Over time, the parents, teachers, and children form a close alliance that benefits each child in our school.


Please take some time to explore our website to get a sense of the incredible gift that is CMCH education.  

We hope you will set up a time to come visit us in person.  I look forward to greeting you personally and welcoming you to our CMCH family.



Dassie New


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