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Enrichment Classes



Our Music teacher, Morah Dina, combines the different components of music to create a rich experience for our children. Hearing music, singing songs, moving to the beat, and creating rhythms are just some of the methods used to create a sensory musical experience. At CMCH we invest in our music program because research indicates that exposure to music and a understanding of music at an early age enhance learning in all spectra.


Gardening with children is the best hands on Science class you will ever see! It connects the children to nature, agriculture, and healthy living.  The children dig, plant, water, rake, build, and play!  

Our Organic Food Gardening program led by Master Gardener and Horticulturist Jamie Ezoory provides a multi-sensory experience for the children. 

Even the littlest ones will learn how a carrot grows, which part of the plant it is, and where it seeds come from. Kindergartners will learn about the parts of a plant, its life cycle, and the environment it grows in while ‘digging’ deeper into understanding sustainable gardening practices.

In our harvest times that are true farm-to-table style we instill the joy of eating fresh vegetables and inspire them to bring that excitement home.

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Playball is not just another ball program! It’s a” life skills” through “sports skills” program designed by educational specialists and occupational therapists. The trained coaches work with the children to develop and improve gross motor skills, coordination and balance,while promoting social skill development and boosting confidence. The best part? The children LOVE IT!



The children enjoy daily art with their teachers.

The kindergartners enjoy weekly art classes with Morah Stevie, where they receive an introduction to art basics, including: How COLORS are classified, primary and secondary colors, warm and cool colors, and how SHAPES are used in art through the use of stencils and templates to trace.  Art helps students build fine motor skills as well as promoting listening skills, following directions and being respective of each other and our art supplies. Children learn that they should have supplies ready to go and well organized.

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