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Judaics Curriculum

The goal of our Judaics Curriculum is to foster Jewish Pride, Love of Hashem and a Connection to his Torah. This is enhanced by the Chabad Philosophy which focuses on building a relationship with our creator and finding purpose and meaning in our lives. The love and respect for every Jew is at the core of the entire curriculum


Each week the children are taught the Torah Portion as it relates to a child. The role models are our Patriarchs and Matriarchs and we fascinate the children with all the details of our rich heritage. Their faith in G-d is strengthened by these Parsha stories. Our Middot program (character building) is derived from all the wonderful deeds recorded in the Torah that were done by these great people. Our teachers find concrete and practical ways to relate these lofty concepts to our young students.

Jewish Calendar and Holidays

The Jewish Calendar and Jewish Holidays make for a very sensorial part of our curriculum. We teach the historical background of the holiday and the many customs and traditions  through music, art and puppet shows. Our favorite part is to cook all the special foods associated with each holiday. The children are truly excited to share their Holiday crafts, knowledge and food with their families.

Hebrew Language

From learning Aleph Bet to reading with vowels, Hebrew reading is an essential part of the curriculum. Children progress on an individualized pace with guided teacher lessons each day.  Conversational Hebrew is introduced and a rich vocabulary of word families are introduced each week. Our goal is to have children read Hebrew when they graduate our Kindergarten class.

Songs and Tefillah

Jewish music is an important component of our curriculum.  Prayers are sung each day as we start our day. Many Hebrew words and concepts are learned through song and prayer.

Shabbat Party

Each week a few parents come into school to join us for Shabbat Party. The children light the candles, sing Shabbat Songs and enjoy their treats as their way of saying, “We are excited that Shabbat is coming”. It is one of the highlights of the week.

CMCH is devoted to combining the concreteness of the Montessori Method to enhance our Torah education.

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