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Join the CMCH Preschool PTA

Greetings Parents!

The purpose of the PTA is to, first and foremost, support our children by providing the “extras” that will enhance their school experience. Additionally, the PTA supports the faculty, staff, and parents, and creates a sense of community for the families. Below are some of the events we are looking forward to this year!

An effective and successful PTA requires support and involvement from the parents of our students.  Your first opportunity to show support is to become a member of the PTA.

 We have created membership discounts on all future PTA events, so the membership will pay for itself!!!!

The second way to show your support will be to participate in the numerous exciting events and programs that we have planned throughout the year. You may choose to be a committee member, or volunteer, or simply join us to help make PTA events a rewarding experience for everyone.  We promise that the time you give to the PTA and the school will be worth your while—and fun!

Please consider volunteering, it really does make a difference in the lives of all our children!

Please use the link below to become a member of the PTA.

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